The Ultimate Nesting Dolls Purchase Guide That Everyone Needs

Consumer’s interest in nesting doll crafts today tends to develop, so in this area you can open a very profitable business. The beauty of selling nesting doll souvenirs is that it will be in high demand from not only local residents, but also visitors and tourists. Making dolls in this regard is a very interesting type of business, because a wooden doll of an original design is known to the whole world as a traditional Russian accessory doll.

The history of nesting dolls

The first such toy was brought in the late 19th century from Japan. It was a figure of a Buddhist saint, representing 5 figures nested in each other. Russian turner became interested in such an idea and carved similar dolls from wood, and one of the local artists painted their faces. Without thinking twice, the doll was given the name, and then began to affectionately call it nesting dolls. In Russia, they spread very quickly and began to be considered a symbol of the country.

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Business options for nesting dolls

You can classify ways of making money on wooden toys as follows:

Turning blanks

It is enough to possess the minimum knowledge of turning and a small workshop to produce ingots of dolls. But marketing research and practice show that you need to take care of sales channels in advance, because the demand for wooden products (even if they are future dolls) is not very large.

Painting blanks

These are potential customers of those who decide to engage in the first business option. For such a thing you need even less a set of paints and brushes plus the ability to draw. There can be any portrait on a nesting doll, but women’s faces are preferable to buyers or for kids, you can do nesting dolls with action heroes design.

Intermediary services

In this case, you do not need to be able to grind and draw. It is enough to organize the entire structure: to buy blanks, hire artists and find ways to market.

  • You can choose any of the proposed options or combine them by selecting the production and painting of 15 piece nesting dolls as a business or the full cycle of all works
  • For work it is best to use dried linden, aspen, birch. Drying is carried out on the street under a canopy for 2-3 years. Raw wood cannot be taken, because the finished nesting doll will turn out to be too fragile.
  • The technology of making nesting dolls has a specific algorithm that must be followed in order to get truly high-quality products:
  • First of all, you need to make the smallest nesting dolls that do not open.
  • Next comes a gradation of sizes with the mandatory fitting of each machined part.
  • During the manufacture of each doll, the previous ones should be closed and dried in that position. If this is not done, the toy will not close.
  • Making your own nesting dolls is an exciting and interesting process. You can add some peculiarity to your toys so that they become truly copyrighted.

Painting or printing

The mural technology also has a sequence:

  • Putty and primer billet.
  • Putting glue in the form of a pattern.
  • Putting sweated if necessary (imitation of gold).
  • Drawing background and portrait details.

Stroke the contours

If over time your company develops to such an extent that it will receive large orders, then hand painting alone will not do. But in this case polygraphic technologies, which today are at a high enough level, will help out. It will be possible to draw portraits of nesting dollss in graphic editors, and then to stamp products on special equipment.

Nontraditional nesting dolls

It is quite difficult to paint nesting dolls in traditional style. And hardly anyone will be able to repeat the faces of famous beauties. Therefore, many people choose such a way of business as making custom-made nesting dolls by photo. You can paint the dolls as members of a large family, and this will be an excellent gift for any family celebration. You can do this business at home by ordering blanks in a local workshop or on the Internet.

Portraits of famous personalities

If you have enough talent, then the portrait on the nesting dolls can depict famous personalities. Foreign guests, for example, love to buy portrait dolls with the face of the president and other key people in the country.

Branded Products

Corporate gifts and souvenirs today play an important role in the conduct of any business. Therefore, in companies it is customary to make colleagues branded gifts. Production of nesting dolls with a logo can be an excellent tool for expanding your business.


To organize a business on nesting dolls with a full cycle, it will take about 150 thousand rubles. Among the items of expenditure will be the following:

  • Rental of premises (workshop and painting workshop)
  • Equipment (machine for the manufacture of dolls, tables, brushes)
  • Consumables (wood, paints, varnishes)
  • Staff salary
  • Design of IP

If you make a competent business plan, it is possible to get a consumer loan with an annual rate of 15 to 20%.


Each manufacturer evaluates its product in different ways. Finding a balance between the price of products and the demand for it is difficult, but the right strategy plays a crucial role. The average cost of nesting dolls from 5 positions is 400 rubles. Products to order are 2-3 times more expensive.

In the first months of production and sale of dolls with a successful set of cases can bring up to 25 thousand rubles of income. After 3-4 months, profits increase to 40 thousand. Full payback comes after 8 months, and with the constant development and expansion of markets, only six months.

Making dolls – An interesting thing that can be very profitable, if you take it up with intelligence and calculation. And charming multi-colored beauties will give a good mood every your working day.

In the Russian nesting dolls there really is no mysticism, because it was borrowed from Japanese culture and originated from the doll Tumbler of the god of wisdom and luck of Bodhidharma (Fukurum). In Japanese culture, she came from the Chinese, and in general it is actually a long story. Malyutin himself and the turner, who cut out the first nesting dolls, did not give the special deep meaning to the nested doll, but they made it the subject of a national cult.

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