Manly Accessories: Top 4 Bracelets any Man Would Want

A lot of people, mainly purists, believe that men shouldn’t wear any jewelry. They believe that all accessories a man should ever need are his watch and his wedding band. But, let’s be honest, the times are changing, and it is high time most men expanded their horizons. Believe it or not, we can actually wear some pieces of jewelry for purely aesthetic reasons.

Furthermore, with a good sense of style, you won’t even look like you just got out of a yoga retreat. So, in our honest opinion, the best way to start accessorizing for most men is by buying a simple but creative bracelet.

Bracelets are very subtle, and you can stack them with your watch. However, you should know how to pull this off properly. The key to that would be making sure that it doesn’t clash with your general style. If you prefer your preppy style, a nice, nautical bracelet will do well. Or, if you are not that big on yachts, but like going to rock gigs, a nice metal cuff would do wonders. The key is to feel comfortable wearing your accessories.

The second tip we have for you is to stay moderate. If you want, you can wear multiple bracelets, but most people can’t really pull off wearing more than three bracelets at a time. Instead, you would do better to stick to bracelets that are self-sufficient. So, to help you with choosing, we have created a list of some of the best designs of bracelets out there.

Guitar Strings

This design is one of our favorites by far. It is stylish, elegant, and it is inexpensive. And, best of all, wearing an actual guitar string around your wrist is an excellent conversation piece. This bracelet is very comfortable and bendy. That means that it can fit around anyone’s wrist with no problems. We just wouldn’t recommend this bracelet to anyone who doesn’t play the guitar or at least appreciates rock ‘n’ roll. After all, you don’t want to end up looking like a poser.

Paracord Bracelet by Monsieur Bojangles

To be fair, we know that the peak popularity of rope bracelets happened several years ago. However, this Monsieur Bojangles bracelet will make you stand out from the others. This bracelet has serious military roots, and it is as durable as it is stylish.

Ring and Hook Bracelet by Corter Leather

If you are a real fan of handmade products, Corter Leather is the best company for you. They really take the concept to the next level. Not only do they use traditional methods to make all of their products, but they also don’t even use electricity. In fact, they have multiple presses, but not a single one has a power cord.

Third Wave by Salti

Salti is the go-to manufacturer of bracelets for all yachting lovers out there. In fact, their nautical bracelets are second to none. The workers make all of these bracelets by hand in Halifax, Canada, and you can get a variety of color or rope-type combinations.

Harpoon Bracelet by George Frost

George Frost, a designer from the New York City, tries to honor past military with this beautiful bracelet. It is reminiscent of mementos US soldiers would wear around their wrists during combat.

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